This is where you can keep up-to date on the progress of this project.

Know when meetings are scheduled; when special fundraisers are; and other important news. All compiled by Cricket Staggs.

November News


Thank you all for taking what time you have to dedicate to this project.  We are just about finished wrapping up all the particulars of forming this committee and forming the procedures for donations and such..  It is time to get to work on the meat of our proposal.  Our committee is in need of a few things:
1. A set meeting place, the Library is only available IF it isn't already booked.  We currently have a meeting scheduled for the 19th of this month (next week) and unfortunately the Library is already booked, the entire place!  Anyone that has a suggestion for where we could have this meeting and/or any future meetings, please come forward with this suggestion?  For now I am not rescheduling the meeting, but I am going to switch the meeting place to the Jacket room at Hardees (and hope they don't kick us out)..  Still at 6:30 pm..
2. A designated place for weekly skater/skatepark meetings during the winter months.  Right now the meeting times are set for 6 pm on Tuesdays, but it gets dark at 5:30 and with no lights there's no one out at the skate park at dark.  These meetings aren't about the project it's self as much as they are about increasing awareness and participation of our committee amongst the skaters here in town.  Until the next meeting (the 19th) the Tuesday meetings are cancelled.  If anyone has a plausible suggestion for a place to have the skater meetings I would be happy to hear it.
3. Board members who show up. No polite way to say that I suppose.  We had 5 board members at the last meeting, and not much more at the two before that.  If these meeting times are inconvenient please let me know and we will see if we can't work out a time that is convenient for all of us, but we need your vote there to make these decisions and press on with this project.
We now have an email address for any questions: skateparklebanon@gmail.com
All board members have access to the email account, please contact Greg or I for the password.
Greg has posted in the meeting minutes that "motion made was that only people who have attend a meeting and given their information to the committee as a "donation taker" can take donations"..  Everyone who is on this email list has been to at least one meeting, so I am attaching the donation sheet to this email for you to print.  Instructions for taking donations is very easy at this point:
1. Fill out form (if donator isn't comfortable with giving name, address, etc then simply note the amount accepted and what form of currency)
2. Bring form and donations to meetings to either myself, Greg Boudonck or Tracy Brown.  We can also be reached by email or by phone.
Please only ask for donations from people you know, for now.  No solicitations from strangers until we have had our first public announced donation drive (should be happening very soon) and gotten some public awareness and media attention. 
Try and get check or money orders for donations rather than cash, if at all possible.  This will make everything easier to account for. 
We will be making some decisions in the next few meetings about what type of materials are best suited for this project as well as what companies we should approach for donations in kind (concrete, lumber, steel, etc), we need as many of you ther as possible to help us decide on this.
This is all of the update for now, We will see you all on the 19th at Hardees in the Jacket room at 6:30 PM.....

October 8th

Last meeting was a bit informal, but we managed to cover updates on projects as well as discussion on those particular topics.  Micah and LaDarrel have been looking up regulations for skate parks and have basically (if I am understanding this right) come up with two distict overall philosophies to rules and regulations:
1. All regulations possible including security on site, etc..  Almost always associated with membership, ID cards, Waivers, etc.. Most often a privately ran enterprise, almost always (if privately owned) operated by a local church on a not for profit basis.  Any skate park that is a municipal skate park and operates in this manner is almost always a very large operation and is ran in conjunction with multiple similar venues.  Our research can (thus far) find no stand alone municipal skate parks in towns similar to ours that are operated with these types of regulations/fees/etc. (to this end I would specificaly ask that Micah and LaDarrel and anyone else try and find me a municipal skate park that fits this description..  i.e. In a town similar to our size, a stand alone skate park/shop that operates in whole or part with the restrictions/fees/membership criteria noted above and does so sucessfully)
2. Relatively lax regulations, warning signs and security cameras at best.  Typically Municipal parks fit this description and are owned/operated by the city/municipality. (to this end I ask the researchers to find me a municipal skate park that fits this description and provide us with their information for further research)
the idea was presented that we should, in the end, provide the city with two proposals and incoorperate these concepts into each model seperately.  Keep this in mind as we move along with this project, and feel free to present ideas or evidence to the contrary of what is listed above (we stay open to suggestions as usual) If you would like to give your input regarding this part of our study, please contact Micah, LaDarrel, or any board member and let them know what you can do to help.
We discussed the possibility of finding a permanent location for these meetings and regimenting them to twice a month.  (we currently have one about every three weeks, but they aren't set in advance)  As mentioned in the update, Greg presented the idea of using his Church's meeting hall area, this seemed to be a plausible idea.  Anyone that has other suggestions (looking for an spot in the downtown area, easily recognizable and easy to get to.  Remember we have people literally riding their bikes and boards to this meeting, so an accessable location is important.  We don't need anything fancy, just tables/chairs/lights, etc..  a warehouse that we could also skate in would be great, but don't nobody get their hopes up on that one.. lol)
We will need to make a decision on this at the next meeting, if at all possible.  Any input?
Donations (and our ability to accept them) was discussed in detail.  We have all come to an unofficial agreeance that:
1.Accountability of the funds is important, there must be a system of accounting that is set in stone from the very first donation.  To that end, the following was submitted (through collaboration) as a possible procedure:
  • Individual donations must be checks or money orders only please

  • All checks or money orders should be made out to Lebanon Area Foundation.

  • In the memo section put Lebanon Youth Development Committee, LYDC or Lebanon Skate-Park Project

  • Board members to keep track of donations and turn in to either Cricket, myself(Greg) or Tracy.
  • they (Greg, Cricket and Tracy) will also keep seperate spreadsheets for a check and balance system.
the "donation form" will be emailed to you shortly, we will also have copies of the form available at every meeting from here on out.  One important thing to note is that anyone who is taking individual donations MUST first attend at least one meeting and provide their contact information.  This is being done to further prevent any mishandling of funds, if there are any objections to this please let myself of a committee member in on your concerns.

August 20th


Okay, let me just say first:
WOW!  Can you people believe the turnout of people?  The want, the drive that people have to discuss this.  There's allot of thoughts whirling around in everyones heads right now, so I want to take a quick minute to give you all a pep talk.
You are good enough, you are smart enough and Doggonit, people like you!  All of you!  There will be hardships, there will be discord, and this won't be a walk in the park.  BUT: You can do this, if you try..  I believe in every single one of you.  Please feel free to do the same.
There, I feel better now.
So, lots to update...  Our first official meeting was tonight, here's the minutes:
We decided to make some changes to the Calendar , we are going to have Skater Meeting nights on Tuesdays to try and accomodate for those who have other obligations on Wednesday.  So from now on, Tuesday nights at 7 p.m. 
We have decided that the best course of action in naming the committee is to give it a name and mission statement that encompass development of all youth.  The idea is that we form this committee with the intent to build a skatepark, but that we aren't going to stop there.  We want a better quality of life for all of the youth and this committee can be the spark, the catalyst for that.  The name that seemed most fitting was Lebanon Youth Development Committee, and of course Project One: Skatepark.
Though many who wanted to be there were unable to attend, we needed to get a start on a committee proper (10 members) and decide on some subcommittees.  For anyone who is unfamiliar with how committees and members, secretaries, treasurers, etc work, please look it up before getting frustrated with the process or losing interest because you don't understand.  Being in a committee is about allowing everyone their equal chance to speak, and that means you too.  Even if you are just sitting in the audience, take notes and when the chair approaches the audience for questions, it's all you.  If you are a committee member, allow for one person on the floor at a time (I know, I was one of the worst offenders tonight), allow that person to say their piece, then request the opportunity for rebuttal. Make it concise, make sense, and when you present a problem try and present a plausible solution.  Don't forget that most of us are new to this, and we need to take special care to listen to the ones who have been a part of beaurocratic stuff before (Like Andrea and John).  I am no exception.
We established The following:
  1. Chair- Cricket Staggs
  2. Vice Chair- LaDarrel Simon
  3. Treasurer- Tracy Brown
  4. Secretary- Greg Boudonck
  5. At Large Committee Members- Alabama Stokes, Marty Guerrero, Micah Henderson, Debbie Hemphill, Bill Benson, Zach Vanluve
  1. Fundraising and sponsors-See Tracy Brown
  2. Safety and Liability-See Ladarrel Simon
  3. Youth Advisory-See Quentin Biggs
  4. Bidding and equipment/Planning-See Marty Guerrero
  5. Public Relations/Media-See Cricket Staggs
We have opened the sub-committees to anyone that would like to be involved.  We have not decided on any assignments for these subcommittees, so now is a perfect time to pick out which committee you would mesh the best with and contact the head of that SC.  Any who were unable to attend tonight are still welcome to make themselves available to any subcommittee, please contact myself for their contact info.
We also decided that we need to go down to Osage Beach/Four Seasons Skatepark, but we didn't decide on when. The purpose of this visit will be to gather information about when, why, and how it was built, how much it cost, what types of liabilities and requirements they have, maintenance, schedules, etc...  (all of this needs to be compartmentalized into the different SC's, of course) Greg has spoken with the Alderman there and they have offered to answer any questions that our committee may have regarding the build project there.  We potentially have a bus, but there is a question as to the liability of taking the younger skaters without their parents.  I would like you all to try and suggest a solution for this.  Here were the two that were mentioned:
1.  Any youth under 18 would have to bring a parent or guardian over 18.  Period.  this is what I suggested initially, but I feel it would be hard to explain why.  I know you youngsters are excited to get to skate, but that isn't what our committees visits are supposed to be about.  I can see how that would be hard for any young person to understand, but it is what it is.  Please tell me if I am wrong, and lets discuss it via emails until our next meeting.  I feel it is very important to avoid discouraging the younger group, but there are some limitations that can't be avoided.
2.  Parent has to bring their child to the meeting point (bus or whatever) and sign a waiver.  This doesn't seem like too bad of an idea, but regardless of the waiver I would still feel pretty responsible (as the Chair of this committee) and pretty bad if anything happened on a group trip.  Am I alone in this apprehension?
I am sure these are not the only options, but I think this needs to be discussed further, and I don't see why we can't do that here, via email.  All of you that are under 18, discuss this with your parents and have them call me if possible? (and of course email me your own thoughts on the subject)
We have scheduled our next Committee meeting for 9/10/2009, so there is plenty of time for us all to pitch ideas and thoughts back and forth, build up interest amongst the community, and get the biggest turnout as possible for this cause!
I am sure I missed a billion points of interest along the way, but here's where we are so far.  For only a week or two along, we have come a long way, folks!  I am proud of you, and I look forward to seeing those faces I expected to see that couldn't make it, at our next meeting.  Til then, may your best days of yesterday be your worst days of tommorrow.
Cricket Staggs, Chairman

August 13th

Aug 12th meeting went quite well.  I counted somewhere around 30 people all together, and allot of you were non-skaters who are concerned with our community.  This is definitely a great thing.  Here's a few points we have worked out so far:
What can the community do?
  • Word of mouth advertising, tell everyone you know. ask them all to call their councilman and display their interest, refer them to the website or facebook account that has been set up, tell them to come to www.ozarksregionalonline.com or www.lacledeforum.com, and tell them to attend the meetings.
  • Donations ideas are in the works, but nothing is solidified yet, so please wait to solicit donations until we have a set place to put them.
  • Do everything in your power to present a positive face for this park.  Don't trespass with your board, make it a point to be visible at the skate park so that community members who look will see the need there. Don't get into trivial arguments with each other about semantics, or small frames within the big picture.  We all want a skate park, let's stay focused and positive and work towards that goal.  Keep in mind that it is a mere step in the path of a better quality of Life for us, and it doesn't end with just a skate park or a pool or arcade.  It has to be kept together with a positive attitude and a positive ethic.
  • Skaters, Be at the skate park every Wednesday night at 7pm, I am conducting a meeting there every Wednesday to keep the skaters informed, and to garner more support for the cause.  these meetings will basically be informal announcements, followed by question and answer sessions as needed.  
  • Supporters, The "brass tacks" work will be taking place at a set Committee meeting that has yet to be decided.  If you want in on this meeting, please reply to this email with a suggested time and date/day of the week that works for you.  I will attempt to coordinate so that everyone who wants to help can be there.
  • I will be planning a road trip to one or more of the area skate parks, if you would like to go with me and show me around, please reply to this email.  (John, we would be happy to plan this around your schedule, so let me know a date and time) We will be trying to compile total production figures, maintenance figures, insurance and liability concerns, common pitfalls, etc..  Any insight that any of you have would be greatly appreciated. (like suggesting parks to view that are similar in size and nature to what we envision for our park)


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