•  Welcoming notes and Mission Statement
Our mission is to build/rebuild the skate park located at Nelson Park in Lebanon, Missouri.

  • Introduction of initial Core planners.
  • Request of volunteers for committee members
  • Formulation of official committee
  1. Chairman
  2. Vice-Chairman
  3. Treasurer
  4. Secretary
  • Nomination of Officers ( New at this-names of motioners and those who seconded will be made available in all up-coming meetings)
  1. Chair- Cricket Staggs
  2. Vice Chair- Ladarrel Simon
  3. Treasurer- Tracy Brown
  4. Secretary- Greg Boudonck
  5. At Large Committee Members- Alabama Stokes, Marty Guerrero, Micah Henderson, Debbie Hemphill, Bill Benson, Zach Vanluven
  • Formations of Sub-Committees
  1. Fundraising and sponsors-See Tracy Brown
  2. Safety and Liability-See Ladarrel Simon
  3. Youth Advisory-See Quentin Biggs
  4. Bidding and equipment Planning-See Marty Guerrero
  5. Public Relations-See Cricket Staggs
  • Formula to visit other skateparks
  1. 1st visit will be to the Lake Ozark skatepark located in Four Seasons. Date and time is tabled until next skaters meet.
  • Set date for future meet--On Calender--09/10/2009 at 6:30 pm--skaters meets moved to every tues at 7pm at the skate park.
  • Meeting Adjourned
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