Lebanon Youth Development Committee

Minutes from 9/10/09

Board members present:

Chairman: Cricket Staggs

Vice Chairman: Ladarrel Simon

Secretary: Greg Boudonck

Albert (Alabama) Stokes

Zach Vanluven

Marty Guerrero

Bill Benson

Micah Henderson

  • Approval of the 8/20/09 minutes.Bill Benson made the motion to approve; Micah Henderson seconded. Motion carried.
  • Discussion and finalization of trip to another skate-park. Consensus is a non-vote and we would meet at Lake Ozark/4 Seasons Park on Sunday, September 20th at 2:30 pm. We will have brainstorming and questions. Andrea Clearbrook agreed to call the Aldermen with questions.
  • Plans for subcommittees:
Cricket and others will develop a public statement.

Greg will develop a Mission Statement page

Quentin Biggs was leader of the youth advisory sub-committee. He moved to Springfield. Volunteers were asked for and Matt McCullough stepped up. Micah Henderson motioned for Matt to replace Quentin; Greg Boudonck seconded. Motion carried.

Matt will work on a proposal for a skate competition.

Ladarrel Simon will start with 5 safety procedures

Bill Benson will work with Tracy Brown in coming up with a couple low cost, viable fund-raising methods to start off with.

Future meeting date was determined to be October 8th at 6:30. Cricket motioned; Greg seconded. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned!

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